Urban Farming

Effective gardening in urban environments can be challenging. Space, light, and soil in cities is usually all quite different from traditional rural farming. Here is a page to collect info tips about novel approaches.

Indoor Apartment Farming

Terrace Permaculture Gardening - an easy to understand overview of doing a permaculture gardening on apartment balconies. Original source

Bio Scrap Composting

Buying fertilizer to grow plants costs money and usually comes packed in plastic. Meanwhile, all the scraps of vegetables and fruit that you normally put in the trash can be used to make your own fertilizer. But it's not as easy as just that, here we can collect information and tips about composting your own fertilizer.

Watering Systems

Watering plants takes time and requires one to be available. In urban settings people are often busy and traveling. Luckily, there are numerous ways to keep plants hydrated for busy people on the go and solutions range from simple DIY string to fancy open-source robots.

Significant Projects

Ron Finley the Gangsta Gardener

Michigan Urban Farming Initiative (MUFI)

MUFI is a pretty significant seeming sustainable urban agriculture non-profit in Detroit created from an abandoned apartment building that sprawls over a few blocks.

The Urban Farming Guys

Dervaes Family Farm

A 380 sq meter (4000 sq foot) house and yard based in Pasadena, CA that was converted to a significant urban farming operation.

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