Tiny Homes

The Tiny Home movement is a wonderful way of living more sustainably- if you only have space that you absolutely need- you will use much less energy. The web is full of amazing tiny homes, many of those are one-off custom constructions that people create for themselves. This page is a collection of companies that offer ready made Tiny Home kits or completed builds.


  • Iglucraft adorable wood shingled (and nicely finished interior) cabins, saunas, and workspaces starting at 19,900 EUR, made in Estonia.
  • SISI Containers professional conversion of shipping containers into classy designed tiny homes, made in Germany.
  • Wohnwagon well crafted stylish tiny homes in a range of sizes and build levels, made in Austria


  • Hexayurt zero-waste designs help you turn common building materials into cheap energy-efficient housing using few tools and simple skills
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