Specialty Food Appliances

Many delicious foods that we enjoy eating that are purchased at supermarkets are the output of numerous machines and appliances usually in factories. Here is a page to collects specialty food appliances. These can be purchased or store bought, but we are especially fond of DIY, maker, tinker solutions due to our focus on self-reliability.

Tofu Molds

During the last step of making tofu you need a mold with drainage holes to pour the liquid tofu into. This simple mold was made from a simple wood box with dividers by drilling holes in the bottom.

Tortilla Presses


Grain Mills

https://komo.bio is a family business that makes mills out of wood and metal. It is suggested to pick one from here that can do both “hard and pseudo-hard grains” as well as “legumes.”


Sparking Water Machines

A great way to avoid plastic bottles of beverages, as well as environmental footprint of transporting heavy liquid filled glass bottles in trucks long distances is to make your own sparkling water and sodas. Home production of sparkling water just requires refilling a CO2 canister periodically and in recent years there have been companies making affordable soda water machines for the house.

There are larger commercial offerings in this direction as well that you attach to your faucet or plumbing but are usually more expensive.

Sprouting Jars

Producing sprouts from numerous seeds is a great way to produce edible nutritious micro greens. Due to the size you can do this at small scale in most kitchen apartments.

Sprouting jars can be made relatively easy with some simple mesh and repurposed glass jars. More elaborate options are available for purchase that allow for stacking and draining.

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