Protective Face Masks

Due to outbreak of Corona Virus ( COVID-19 ) which has been characterized as a pandemic by World Health Organization, there is much demand for protective face masks. Over the counter supply in many countries is non-existent. The specific effectiveness of masks in relation to COVID-19 is full of conflicting information and actions.

DIY Mask Pattern

This is a page to document such information as well as sustainable and DIY protective face masks with filter pocket.

Cut two pieces each of lining and outer shell from prewashed fabrics.

Sew along the middle seam, right sides together (pattern contains 1cm seam allowance).

Clip little V's into the seam allowance making sure not to cut through the seam.

Fold seam allowance to one side and stitch it down a few millimeters parallel to the existing seam.

Iron the seam and cut away exess seam allowance.

On the outer shell narrowly fold over the short edges and iron them flat.

On the lining fold over short edges 1cm and iron them flat.

Stitch down edges with zigzag stitch encasing the edge of the folded fabric.

Pin shell and lining, right sides together and sew along the long edges with 1cm seam allowance.

Clip V's into seam allowance and trim down to 0,7mm.

Turn inside out and iron seams flat.

Fold over short edge of shell towards lining and stitch down leaving enough space to pull trough elastic.

Cut 80-85cm of elastic band and pull elastic through both tunnels using appropriate tool or safety pin.

Tie up ends at desired lengt on the bottom or use cor lock stopper.

Alternatively pull a single piece of elastic trough each side to create loops for ears.

Insert filter in pocket and replace after use. According to some research a paper towel can be used as a filter.

DIY filter made from three layers of meltblown nonwoven fabric

Download pattern here: face_mask_pattern.pdf

Commercial Protective Masks

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