Bulk Storage Containers

To figure out how many and what size of containers you need, you need to use kilogram to liter converter to figure out that for say 25 kg of rice you need about 28 liters of storage.

The following are a list of German companies to source long term storage containers from.

Long Term Storage (Plastic)

  • BRB Lagertechnik has large high quality plastic containers certified food grade of affordable prices (up to 28L).
  • Nisbets has nice attractive high quality glass jars (1 - 3L range, one 6.2L).
  • Interfastro plastic is a range of higher quality industrial food grade storage containers.
  • Eimer und Becher Profi have super affordable offerings, but the fine print seemingly says “one-time” use containers, which seems to mean not food grade reusable.

Long Term Storage (Glass)

Cloth Bags

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