Borrowing from the philosophy of permaculture farming, there is the idea of permacomputing which is based on frugality, salvage, and considering collapse scenarios.


Radical open-source OS and software aiming in an inverse direction from popular computing (3D, GUIs, fancy graphics card, heavy power use, etc). Essentials which one can use in ultra-low-impact or off the grid scenarios.

  • Collapse OS is creating “Bootstrap post-collapse technology” so basically a computer for after modern society collapses.
  • uxn ecosystem is a personal computing playground


Radical new open-source hardware devices meant to be tinkered, repaired, modified or entirely fabricated in a decentralized fashion.

  • MTN Reform a fully open source laptop created for intensive tinkering + upgradablity in mind.


Fresh starts and approaches to making basic components for computing in open and sustainable ways.

DIY Devices

Devices which allow for a full computing experience but can be fabricated with minimal efforts, parts, etc.


A nifty hack posted by Chris Beckstrom is how to get rca video output from a #raspberrypi zero. In Chris' words “do a tiny bit of soldering and there ya go. Really nice way to avoid a million adapters if your destination is analog!”

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