Home Decontamination

There are many different ways to decontaminate at home. This a non-exhaustive place to document things found on the net.

Ultraviolet (UV) Germicidal Irradiation

Read up on the basics on Wikipedia:


253nm wavelength is optiminal. Lamps that are 11-13 watt will cover a distance of 15-20 sq for a duration of about 45-60 minutes. There are low pressure bulbs and medium pressure bulbs[3]. Many UVC lamps form an ozone which will smell, this is in the range of 185nm [2].

Places to purchase online:

UV Light for Water Treatment:

This box contains 3 x 254 nanometer 60 watt bulbs for a combined 180watt and a timer that goes up to 60minutes

For protection, use UV 400 glasses

There is evidence that the ozone produced by UVC light can have harmful effects on humans


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